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Six Burner Double Oven      


Double Ovens      

#689WW40 Wedgewood

Double Oven

  • 40” original milk white porcelain
  • Four top burners with simmer burner feature
  • 4 top 12k front and 9k back BTU burners
  • Two 20K btu ovens (Oven depth 21" width 16") with lower broilers/windows
  • Clock with salt and pepper shakers


Oven/broiler side by side


#710OKM38.5 O'Keefe & Merritt

Oven broiler


  • 38.5” original milk white porcelain
  • 4 top 14k BTU burners with simmer burner feature
  • One 20K btu oven (Oven depth 21" width 16") with side broiler
  • Light/Clock




  • 40”original milk white porcelain body with porcelain top
  • 4 top 12k front and 9k back BTU burners
  • Oven (Oven depth 21" width 16") and broiler side by side
  • Clock and culinary chart

#460OKM38.5 O'Keefe & Merritt


  • 38 1/2 ” original RED porcelain with rechromed top
  • 4 top 14k BTU burners
  • Reglazed burner heads, spider grates
  • Oven (Oven depth 21" width 16") with window /Grillevator
  • Light and Clock
  • Salt & Pepper shakers
  • Series 600

Special stoves      

Aristocrat O'Keefe & Merritt model for the ultimate kitchen stove: 6 burners, 2 ovens, 2 broilers, warming oven, clock/timers



Right Stack O'Keefe & Merritt  Aristocrat - Series 5850


#270 Left Stack



Only 700-800 of these premium luxury estate home stoves were ever made. The O'Keefe and Merritt factory took a standard single oven 40 inch range and added a left or right stack with an additional oven, a warming oven and a broiler to create the "Aristocrat".

This stove was produced for the highest-end homes of the time and includes 2 ovens, 2 broilers, a warming oven, 2 pot storage drawers and a special "grillevator", a broiler with an elevating grille which can be moved to 5 different settings in relation to the flame. The chrome cook top has six burners with special mini-simmer burners in the center. The  insulated ovens are gas (natural or propane) for exceptional pastry baking and cakes and come with windows for viewing.

With so few of these left in existence (probably less than 1/2 of the original amount) you would certainly have not only a wonderful stove but a conversational centerpiece! An Aristocrat is actually 57" inches wide in case you are measuring for a place inside your kitchen.


This incredible piece will only continue to appreciate in value as fewer and fewer of them are available.

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