Apple Stoves

Promoting reuse of quality classic stoves, we offer repair and customized restoration, stove sales, and parts.  

Located in West Oakland, California, we service the larger Bay Area, providing professional service at reasonable prices. We have been serving enthusiastic vintage stove owners for over 34 years; licensed by BEAR (State of California). 

   We are a group of artisans committed to reuse and restoration of stoves dealing with rust, grease, age but quality components. Functional elements such as safeties, thermostats, springs and thermocouples can be rebuilt. Porcelain can be reglazed, bringing your stove back to clean and sparkly. We rescue parts and assemble good stoves out of the best parts we can find. 

Located at 2509 Myrtle St. Oakland, CA 94607 in the heart of West Oakland